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AUTO CAL is the Corvettes of Westchester FLASH TUNER



With the Corvettes of Westchester AutoCal GM Flash Tuner Tool we can

remotely re-calibrate your vehicle's Engine & Transmission control modules. With

AutoCal you can CHECK CODES, CLEAR CODES, perform many top level RESET functions

Check for emissions test READINESS and Datalog to track your vehicle's performance.

You can load different tunes any time as well as RETURN TO STOCK any time necessary.

Please watch the video below and feel free to call us any time if you have questions.


For those of you wanting the ULTIMATE remote tuning package with a WIDEBAND this is for you!

We will modify your AutoCal for "serial wideband" input for use with Innovate or TechEdge widebands.

For applications where you have CAMS, SUPERCHARGERS, or just want the ULTIMATE level or perfection

this is the ONLY way to get it using remote tuning. You can be across town, across the country, or

even on the other side of the world. Finally, a perfectly tuned vehicle is within everyone's reach

no matter where you live in the world.

Please call for details.